Professional Portfolio


Select marketing campaigns undertaken by marketing professional Nathan P. Hicks. Highlighted here is his work with SimpliFlying at the major international air shows in Paris and Dubai. SimpliFlying is a world-renowned airline marketing consultancy that has worked with more than 75 airlines and airports around the world. 

2015 Paris Air Show

How does a 200-person aircraft engine maker stand out amidst Fortune 50 and Global 500 peers and competitors? By doing something no manufacturer had done before.

I sought out all-star marketing firm SimpliFlying, renowned for its work with more than 75 airlines and airports around the world. We launched an unconventional digital and hospitality campaign that delivered dramatic results at a small fraction of historical costs. We increased trade show footfall and media briefing attendance, achieved twice the reach of competitor Rolls-Royce and earned 6x average engagement.

2015 Dubai Airshow

2015 Dubai Airshow

How do you go from the world’s biggest air show to a much smaller event and continue to build on that success? How do you move from industry engagement to customer engagement? By focusing on what an engine maker does to make sure an airline can depart on time, every time.

SimpliFlying commissioned this infographic (and subsequent animated version) to drive engagement with our customers. The results were 8x growth in impressions, a 65% (2.8x average) open rate and a 35% (13.6x average) click rate.

Bottom line: in just two weeks, this campaign doubled our annual impressions at a mere 20% of historical costs. It drove far greater industry attention and customer engagement than we had enjoyed previously, and it put Engine Alliance on the map as an innovative marketing company.